Module 5: Creating awareness on validation of the acquired competences

Stages of validation

There are many other ways of validation new gained competences. National, regional and local authorities in EU countries have different organisations and instruments for validation. But before to apply, it is important to follow all stages.

The main stages of validation include:

  • identifying the needs from validation at national, regional and local level;
  • planning of the approaches and actions of the responsible institutions for the start of the process;
  • awareness campaign and promotion of the activities;
  • opening a procedure for applications for validation;
  • gathering, aggregating, processing of the incoming information, decision making;
  • notifying the applicants, arranging interviews, determining the individual regime/plan for validation;
  • realization of the individual plan for validation, evaluation of the outcome, decision making on finalizing the validation;
  • analysis of results, conclusions and suggestions for improving the process.

All stages and all actions should comply with the requirement for the validation to be performed by comparing the qualification to the requirements of the learning results.

Competence requirements:

  • Support the individual define his/her validation purpose and to help any redefinition of purpose if this changes during the identification process.
  • Advice and guide the individual in choosing the appropriate form and method for the identification process.
  • Carry out interviews, dialogue based and other formative approaches and methods while supporting the individual in becoming increasingly aware of her/his knowledge, skills and competences acquired through past experiences.
  • Facilitate and guide identification of learning experience by the use of various media and tools also allowing for user’s self-assessment.
  • Make clear for the individual the costs and benefit of validation as compared to for example further education and training.


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