Module 5: Creating awareness on validation of the acquired competences

The aim

The aim of this module is to provide a better knowledge concerning the European framework of recognition and validation of the acquired competences through non-formal and informal learning approaches. The learners should be able to demonstrate what they have learned and how they can use the knowledge they have gained in their everyday life and in further education and training.

This module is first of all for trainers/teachers who work with adult learners and particularly with senior citizens in big or small groups. The working sessions can be organised in classrooms or in informal and friendlier for learners setting, so seniors will fill more comfortable. Presentations can be on screen or directly from PCs if all learners will have own PC for session, so they can click on Internet links and get useful additional information. Good access to the Internet is very important for this session.

This module will present overall validation context and the various processes adopted among the EU countries. A particular emphasis of the module is in the importance to encourage seniors with limited knowledge on ICT and digital skills to validate their competences to become independent internet users.

Adult educators will learn about methods and tools that will influence the overall quality of the validation process and its outcomes.

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